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This is us


In 2019, the concern for the genuine purpose of disseminating science and stimulating specialized education in the medical and health area, with emphasis on the theme of Medicinal Cannabis, gave rise to the creation of EVENTMED, a company whose disruptive vision brings to the market reflection on the need for paradigm shifts and social transformation. 
Even amid the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, the creation of the International Conference on Medicinal Cannabis - CICMED, with the theme of health and well-being, remained in evidence, especially in view of the trend of an unprecedented increase in chronically ill people, as well as a patient with the need for the therapeutic use of Medicinal Cannabis.
Thus, from the 11th to the 13th of August 2022 the first edition of CICMED was held, an event specifically for physicians and health professionals, which aimed to demystify and disseminate the universe of Medicinal Cannabis in Brazil and in the world.


Organizing Committee


Breno Luz
General coordinator


Enrique de Macedo Pena
Executive Coordinator

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