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We are very pleased to present the 2nd INTERNATIONAL MEDICINAL CANNABIS CONFERENCE – CICMED, which will be held in São Paulo - Brazil on August 4th and 5th, 2023, an exclusive event for doctors and health professionals and which aims to demystify the Universe of Medicinal Cannabis and disseminate the scientific study and results of treatments with Medicinal Cannabis in Brazil and in the world.

CICMED 2023 will be the Main Scientific Event in the Americas and will feature the presence and participation of + 40 medical professors (the most renowned doctors and scientists of Medicinal Cannabis in the world), with technical content and scientific themes in the + 50 lectures, where the main diseases treated with Medicinal Cannabis will be technically addressed, their treatments, casuistry, methodology and results, that is, comprising more than 15 medical specialties, in addition to dentistry and veterinary medicine that benefit directly from this newly arrived technology in Brazil. 

Come and deepen your knowledge of this new technology, which has been favoring millions of patients around the world, generating health, reducing treatment costs and alleviating suffering and bringing quality of life to patients and their families, do not miss this opportunity.

Be welcome!!!

Organizing committee


Breno Luz
General coordinator


Enrique de Macedo Pena
Executive Coordinator

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